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The Nook versus the Kindle – a Review

By now most everyone has heard of eReaders. They may have not gotten an eReader, but they’ve heard of them. I’ve been looking at them now for awhile, and decided not to be an early adopter, and wait for the … Continue reading

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Perforce’s P4Merge File Comparison Editor – a Review

When I was searching for a good file comparison editor to use with Git, I was shocked to find 46 different editors available. Which one do you use? To separate these 46 editors I came up with a list of … Continue reading

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Search Everything – a Review

I have more than one pet peeve about how Windows works. I’ll bet you do, too. Let me see, there’s boot time, the infamous Vista UAC, shut down time, and searching for files. That puppy dog in the XP search … Continue reading

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The Kindle Reader for the Windows PC

I had an interesting discussion today at work. One of my co-workers arrived in the office with a couple of O’Reilly textbooks, and said they are on my bookshelf, if you’d like to use them as a reference. He said … Continue reading

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Google Won’t Search

Instead of a portal, I use Google as my home page in my browser. I like the clean look, and when I’m looking for something, I don’t want to be distracted by a lot of information that you would find … Continue reading

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