Changes In Geek Gumbo

Any of my return readers who are use to this site will notice an immediate change.  Instead of a right sidebar, you now have a left sidebar, and things look different.  We’ve actually upgraded the design and theme of the site to incorporate a more modern web technology, which will make it easier to keep the site up to date in the future.  After all, the original technology was about six years old, which is a long time in Internet technology.  We’re happy about that.

Unfortunately, with the move from the right to the left sidebar, you will notice the addition of ads along the sidebar and at the bottom of the page, which we’ve tried to keep to a minimum.

Yes, after five years, against our reluctance, we’ve succumbed to commercialism.  The reason is that Geek Gumbo is starting to cost more and more to run.  Geek Gumbo from the size of the database, to the amount of disk space we use has, happily, gotten so big, that we’re hitting our web server provider’s limits, and the site is getting a lot more expensive to run.  Also, more processing power is needed to keep response time relatively quick and responsive.  So, we’re using the ads to help defer the cost of running the site and having good performance, and allow us to move our limits higher as the need arises.

What we will not do is use obtrusive ads.  Ads that pop up when you mouse over a word, or when you open a page that you have to figure out how to close, and are flat out annoying.  We can’t stand these ads, so none of our content will have them.

Along those lines, the site will probably have subtle, small changes going forward, as we feel out what works with the site design, and what’s not working out.  We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do writing it, and will continue to enjoy reading our articles moving forward. Thank you for the support you’ve given us throughout the years.

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