Announcing a Faster Geek Gumbo

ava-jolly-toperFor those users who have been with me for awhile, you should be use to the way the site navigation is set up.  If you use the "Index of Article Titles" page a lot to look up technical information, which I do, you should have been use to waiting a second or two for the page to load.  We crossed our service providers  threshold on the size of our content.  As a result we've upgraded to a better server with more capacity.

This process put the site off line for a couple of days over the last weekend to switch servers, sorry if that inconvenienced any of you, but the result is a much better site.  The site your currently looking at is the same site as before, only running about four or five times faster.  If you click on the "Index of Article Titles" menu now, you'll see the page comes up very quickly.

I also have not posted for awhile.  This resulted because of my rather intensive employment working exclusively on SugarCRM.  I wasn't sure of our reader's intersest in SugarCRM, but recently I've seen an uptick in interest in this free, open-source CRM systems that a lot of organizations are adopting as their CRM system, including the Federal government.  As a result you'll start seeing some new articles on SugarCRM.

Another area I've been working with is cloud computing, specifically Amazon's AWS.  My preliminary evaluation is there is a steep learning curve to using this product, but the advantages are well worth the effort, so you'll see a couple of new articles in this area.

With that, I wish you all "Happy Computing" and I'll see you in my next article.

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