Changing WampServer’s Menu Language

I've been using WampServer now for years, yes years.  My how time flies.  When I first started, I compared it to XAMPP and decided the WampServer taskbar menu system was ideal for creating web sites compared to the clunky XAMPP menu system, and that was it.  I've used Wampserver ever since.

As much as I love Wampserver it has its quirks.  For one, there is a total lack of documentation, and its forum leaves much to be desired.  Yet, I keep using it. I can't help myself.  Generally, it works as advertised.

I've had two problems with WampServer over the years. First, every once and awhile the new release with the new releases of PHP, MySQL, and Apache, just doesn't work in Windows.  I mean you have problems with it functioning properly, the way you're use to WampServer working.

The last example of this was when I got a new 64bit Intel laptop, and installed the 64bit version of Wampserver, no dice.  The solution, uninstall the 64bit version, and install the 32bit version, everything worked fine.

When I install WampServer on my system and it installs, and works properly, I've learned to keep that release on my computer as the latest good release.  That way, if I install the next update and it busts, I just go back to the older version, no biggee.

The second quirk that drives me nuts when it happens, is the language in the menu changes every once and awhile for some reason or another.  The last time it happen was yesterday when I dropped an old site I was working on into the www directory, while Wamp was running. I know dumb, but sometimes I get in a hurry.  Anyway, the menu changed from English to it turned out Turkish.  It's always a challenge to try to figure out what the language is.

Now, I call this a quirk, not because it isn't annoying, it is, but because the menus in WampServer haven't changed in years, and you just know what the menu is no matter what the language.

But you want to change the language back.  To do this go into the Wamp directory and open up the wampmanger.conf file.  The very first entry under [main] is language.  Change that back to whatever language you are using, in my case "english" instead of what it changed to "turkish".

If it doesn't work, go to the language directory and make sure the name you use for the language is the same name as one of the .lang files in the directory.

For those that would like to add a language to WampServer.  Just copy the example of other language files and create your own language file.  You may want to send it to the WampServer folks for inclusion in future releases.

And to my loyal readers, thanks for reading the entire article, I know sometimes you just want to fix something and move on, but I like to write, so indulge my occassional excesses. Chow.

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