Announcing NewChk2.0 – a Free PHP Variable Checker

Announcing the release of NewChk 2.0.  NewChk is a PHP class that analyzes all PHP variables, and then outputs the results in an aesthetically pleasing manner in your browser window.  This release was necessitated by new releases in PHP, and the new releases of popular browsers.  The release makes NewChk much more robust and tolerant of new browser releases.

The initial design goal for NewChk was to create a PHP variable checker, in one class, that would give developers a way to check a variable's value, and gain additional information about that variable.  NewChk eliminates the need to use print_r, or var_dump with their hard to read outputs, or the ubiquitous echo command that invariably requires some sort of text message to identify the value on the page.

NewChk uses one command on all variables, and provides the file name and line number where it was called for easy clean up.  A time saver from trying to hunt down that elusive echo command lost somewhere while debugging.

Most developers develop websites locally using a local AMP stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP.  Unfortunately, new releases to browsers have blocked the ability to save cookies from a localhost installation.  NewChk used cookies to save browser color settings.  This releases fixes that problem by taking all  cookies and session dependence out of NewChk, and changing colors directly in the class file.

Another problem encountered with the initial version was, depending on monitor resolution, the output display could be too big.  This release allows developers to adjust the size of the output window to their liking.

New releases of PHP caused several warnings in the NewChk class.  These warnings have been cleaned up in this release along with some code revision which requires PHP 5.3.2 or higher.

In the course of developing this release, a test file was created to output every possible output in NewChk in one browser page.  This is included in this release for developers to test that NewChk is working properly with their system.

The documentation on the newchk web site has been revised to cover the new release.  If you're a PHP developer, the new release of NewChk is worth a check, pun intended.  Give it a try.

You can download newchk2.0 here.

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