WordPress EZPZ Backup

I was backing up GeekGumbo over the weekend. I went to the WordPress admin panel, brought up EZPZ Backup, and did what I always do, clicked the mouse one time...

Back ups are not one of my favorite things to do. They always take time, if you do back ups manually, like I do, you end up sitting, watching the screen, as the status bar indicator slowly creeps across the landscape, that is if you have a status bar. Then comes the download of a rather large file. It's not my favorite thing to do, because it takes time, dead time.

The other concern I always have with backups is you always wonder if, the worse thing possible happens, and your site gets corrupted, or gets a virus, or crashes, will the backup really work, and restore the site to its last backup pristineness.

So while I was sitting there in that dead time backing up my site, I realized what a pleasure EZPZ Backup has made backups.

EZPZ Backup is a WordPress plugin. Yes, it only works with WordPress, but lets stop a second. There are now over 18,000 WordPress plugins, that's right 18,000. You can do pretty much anything you want with a WordPress installation.

On the WordPress plugin site, I searched on the word "backup" and got some 60 pages listed, and I stopped counting at 30 back up programs, most of them in one way, or another, claimed they were easy, or simple, or instant. You get the idea.

How would any one know which program was better than another?  You're certainly not going to test 30 back up programs. Each of these programs, or plugins, take a developer's time and effort to write, test, and keep up to date. Forgive me if I miscounted, but since I've been using EZPZ backup, the plugin has been updated four or five times, all on the author's time and energy. Kudos to all the WordPress plugin authors. Here, Here!

EZPZ One Click Backup Status Screen


I used another backup program before EZPZ. Why do you look for another back up program? We'll, the back up takes to long, or it doesn't tell you what it's backing up, or your not sure if there's a way to restore the back up, or there's no status bar. It's either it takes to long, or there's a lack of information about what is going on, or what is in the back up. In short, you lose trust in the program.

And that's the bottom line on backup programs. Why am I spending all this dead time backing up my web site, if I don't trust that my site is 100% protected. It's about trust.

I went looking for another back up program and luckily, pure luckily, came up with EZPZ. I've been using it for about two years now, and I'm still thoroughly happy with the program, and trust the program. Why?

Because it is a one click backup, you can schedule backups if you prefer, it has a status screen that tells you exactly what it is doing every step of the way, it has a status bar showing you how far it's gotten with each part of the back up process. The information screen walks you through the program as it is working, and most important, it's fast. It backs up the growing GeekGumbo site faster than I can download the compressed backup file to my computer. That's fast.

EZPZ Backup Options Menu


Considering it is open-source and free software, that I've been using for a couple of years now, I thought EZPZ deserved a plug. If you have a WordPress web site, and there are over 71 million WordPress web sites out there, and you want to back up your site with some peace of mind that you're protected if all your hard work goes up in an instance of chaos, I highly recommend EZPZ One Click Backup.


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