Microsoft Removes Chrome

Back in Feb, Google proved by setting up about 100 "synthetic queries and unique web sites," that Microsoft was stealing their search results. They reported this in this article, and in their blog.

Microsoft had a weasel word response denying it. The gist of the response was that Microsoft "watched" what it's users searched for, and the pages they went to and from that, gleaned what their search results should be to a particular query. That means Microsoft had to keep track of billions of search queries continually, and the pages users clicked on to that query, and then recall it when the same query came up again. I'm not sure I believe this. It's much easier to just copy Google. That all happen in February.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and we have Microsoft, through a "security update," inserting the Bing search bar into every new browser page in Firefox. It was annoying, and a pain to remove.

This week, we had yet another more serious Microsoft intrusion into our computers, again, through a "security update," they "inadvertently" removed Google's Chrome web browser from user's computers. Not only did they remove it, but you could not re-install it because Microsoft called it a virus.

Microsoft said that about 3000 users had Chrome removed from their computers. They issued a patch to fix the problem, but users would have to manually reload Chrome. Come on, Microsoft, why was it just Chrome.

It's a good thing, we can trust Microsoft, that Microsoft always has good intentions, that they always have just our best interest at heart, and that they would not blow away another competitors software intentionally. We can trust Microsoft, can't we?

When Microsoft issued Service Pack 3 for Window's XP, they started actively communicating back and forth to your computer, unbeknownst to most users. They got more blatant about this when they released Vista, in that, if you didn't verify your license on-line within 30 days, your computer would gradually degrade. You also had to maintain an Internet connection for them to verify periodically that your license was valid.

Now, you can't download any Microsoft software until they check your computer, with their "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" license checker software, to see that all their software on your computer has a valid license .

I love the names they use to intrude into your computer and your life, "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" and "security update."

Why is Microsoft doing this? Well, back in April, Chrome passed Microsoft Internet Explorer in browser usage, and is now the second most used browser behind Firefox.

Apple has passed Microsoft in total revenue. It's quarterly revenue was $28B, Microsoft's was $20B, and Google's was $9B. These three giants are at war.

It seems, war brings out the worse in people and companies. Microsoft, however, is in a unique position, in that, it controls your computer. I have said before Microsoft's power resides in its security updates. They have brainwashed user's to believe that they have to load the security updates, even though the user has no clue as to what is in the update.

It seems to me that the real malware going into your computer comes from Microsoft, not from hacker's. Hacker's for the most part have been gradually neutralized with sustained vigilance, and international computer laws.

Both Microsoft and Apple have architected a proprietary cocoon around their products. If you use their products, they force you to do it their way to exclude competitors, and keep you locked into only using their products. You can see from the above that Microsoft is far worse, than Apple.

For the life of me though, I don't understand why people stay with these two companies. What's the alternative?

The alternative is you can have a free operating system, Linux, that runs better than Microsoft's operating system, with a nice desktop, just like the Window's desktop, with all the applications you're use to, that are just as good and sometimes better than Microsoft's applications, for free. And there is no need for anti-virus, or anti-malware software, or for security updates.

You can try out the operating system by loading a DVD, without altering your Windows system, in case you don't like it. I don't understand why people don't give one of the Linux distros a try.

People are creatures of habit. They would rather put up with Chrome being removed from their computer, then try something new. They like Microsoft's tit. They like that Microsoft, with its security updates, takes care of them. They like being forced to use the Internet Explorer browser, the worse browser on the planet. In the end, Window's user's get just the milk that Microsoft wants to give them.


Microsoft Removes Chrome — 2 Comments

  1. Very informative.  I haven’t accepted any of the Microsoft updates on my Windows 7 laptop, and now I’m glad I didn’t.  I hate IE 8; it always crashes.  I love Chrome, and I like being able to have 50 tabs open, with memory still 45% free.