Microsoft Inserts Bing Into Firefox

I got the latest version of Firefox, version  6.02, and everything seemed rosy.  The one change I immediately saw was the menus went away, and I no longer could find "View Source."  For a developer that would cause you to switch browsers.  Fortunately, I saw it in a much better place on my Web Development toolbar.  Now its much easier to use.  And it turned out the Menu Bar was switched off in the new version.

The next thing that happened is Microsoft came out with a new Windows Update (KB982217) to Windows 7.   What I found was Micrsoft hijacked my normal search engine, Google, and substituted Bing.  When you first load your browser, if you have the home page set for your search engine, Google for example, it will load and everything seems OK.   However, if you open another tab, you get the Bing search engine.   Pretty sneaky.  If any one else would have done this it would have been called malware, but since Microsoft did it, everything is OK, NOT!

The Bing Search Bar in the New Tab Window

The normal way to get rid of browser hijackers is to go to, in the case of Firefox 6, the upper left Firefox icon, and click on the options menu in the right sidebar, and change your Home page back to the correct URL.  In this case that's not going to work.

Another way to get rid of a toolbar is to right click on the upper tool bars in the browser window, and un-check it, but this also does not get rid of the Bing Search bar from your tab window, hmm.

The culprit is the "StartNow" toolbar, which Microsoft, in its attempt to push the Bing search engine, installed as part of its update.  Thanks for nothing, Microsoft.  You do remember that Microsoft got caught with its hand in the cookie jar by Google, because they used Google search results for Bing search results.  Can you hear I'm irritated that Microsoft did this.  It's taking time out of my day to  put my browser back the way I want it.

In Firefox 6, go to the upper left Firefox icon (this will only appear if your Menu Bar is turned off, if your menu bar is turned-on, go to Tools > Add-ons).  Go to the Add-ons in the right menu, click Extensions and remove the StartNow toolbar.  Close your browser and reopen it.  Presto, Bing goes away on new tab pages.  But there is a lingering problem, and that is, you get a blank page when you open a new tab window.

If you want your tab page to be your home page, you'll need to download an add-on to Firefox 6, the "NewTabURL" plugin.  Click on "Add to Firefox."

After it downloads, go to the upper-left Firefox icon > Add-ons > Extensions.  Enable the plugin, you'll see the add-on will start automatically when you restart Firefox.

You need to configure the plug-in,  click on "More" and then "Options" in the Plug-in Description.  When the options menu opens, click on "Home Page," then "Save", and your all set.  Close Firefox, re-start it, and open a new tab window.  WahLah! Your home page now opens in each new tab page.


Microsoft Inserts Bing Into Firefox — 11 Comments

  1. I just found this page using the side by side “Bing vs. Google” challenge ad. I clicked the link on the Google side. This seems ironic and amusing to me.

  2. Not all things from Microsoft is bad… hahahahahaha. They are if you don’t ask for them or be given a choice of accepting crap. My Firefox is version 11. New tab brings up an unbranded search bar (Bing). I don’t have the StartNow Toolbar (for that matter, I have NO TOOLBARS installed!). Trying to get rid of it was really getting me peeved until I saw on the page a collection of letters that said “remove”. I clicked on it and all new tabs have no search window. Since I didn’t have StartNow or other toolbars, where did this come from (malware, trojan, adware, virus free I might add)?

  3. excellent.I’ve tried every other solution to no avail.Your solution just required a shut down of the browser and the pesky Bing has gone.
    Thanks much!

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for this very simple and quick solution as well as the very succinct explanation.  I went to at 10 other web postings on this issue and most were either ineffective, indirect or both.  Disabling the StartNow toolbar immediately resolved the issue.  Thanks again.

  5. I have Firefox 6.0.2, not updating because I have a purchased toolbar that hasn’t been able to keep up with Firefox changing so many times recently. I used a registry scan offered by my service provider – when it downloaded, it asked if I wanted to keep Google as my search engine or switch to Bing…I said stick with Google and don’t ask about switching again…and it switched to Bing anyway. All I could find to do was uncheck the Bing toolbar under Toolbars to get rid of that, but opening a new tab still brings up Bing.

    How irritating – prejudices one against Bing no matter what good things it might have, so their marketing dept. must be really stupid.

  6. I have this problem, but do not have the StartUpNow toolbar in extensions. Any suggestions? Running Firefox 7 on Windows 7.

    • I would look at all your toolbars to see if there’s one there you don’t recognize. Remove it, if it may be the problem. The other thing you can try is to download the NewTabURL plug in at the end of my article, and see if that will make the problem go away.

  7. My gosh you cannot BELIEVE how much help you have been!!! I was so annoyed trying to fix it and no one seem to know what was causing this problem. Thank you so much for telling us how to get rid of that annoying Bing!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was seriously about to rip my hair out. Stupid Bing! Microsoft can suck it for that one….