Announcing NewChk – a free PHP variable checker

I just finished a new variable checker program for PHP web developers that I am releasing for free to the open source community under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

NewChk will check any variable, or PHP global variable, with one simple call in your PHP development file, and then output the result in a CSS formatted output with additional information when the page URL is brought up in your web browser. It is meant as a replacement for print_r, var_dump, and the multiple echo commands that PHP developers tend to use.

Here is a look at the output from an object, as an example.

An object output

The entire NewChk program was designed to be self-contained in one file for ease of use. It is an object-oriented class, that requires PHP 5.2 or higher to run.

If you would like to download the file, and use NewChk, I've put together a web site that includes documentation at

Comments, bugs, and feedback are appreciated, and can be done through the comment boxes on the newchk web site.

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