Second Nook Vacation Experience

Well, I'm back from vacation and, as I related in a previous post, I purchased four Barnes & Noble books for my vacation reads.  I have to admit that I took along two actual books for the trip.  I know, that showed a little lack of confidence in my eReader, but I was worried about battery life, silly me.  The battery held up fine, no problems with over 10 hours a day of use.

I read both the actual books I brought with me, one was a vacation thriller, "Night of Thunder" by Stephen Hunter, and the other was an unbelievably good book, called "Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese.  I can not say enough about this book.  I deserves some sort of award.  It is superb writing and storytelling, I digress.

What I found from alternating my reads from finishing the actual book to finishing a Nook book was I ended up preferring reading a book on the Nook.  I didn't like having to hold the pages open in a new book with a tight binding,  I didn't like having to be careful to mark where I was in the book when I set it down, I didn't like the weight of holding the books up, I know a tad picky.

I did like with the Nook, the consistent size and feel, the consistent less weight than an actual book, being able to read multiple books at the same time and not worry about keeping track of where I was in each book, and the ability to change the font size for easier reading.  This was the number one reason my wife prefers the Nook over a book. Her eyes are not that good, and the increased font size allows her much easier reading.  As expected, you can read the Nook in direct sunlight or room lighting without a problem.

Now to problems I encountered.  The time on my Nook got out of sync with actual time, which I found annoying.  It turns out you can re-sync your time when you connect to mother Barnes & Noble and download books.  However, if there is nothing to download from mother, or you can not connect, or your traveling between time zones, there is no way to reset the time on the Nook.  This to me is a software design flaw.  I found this annoying and it should be corrected in a future software update.  Barnes & Noble if your seeing this, the user needs a way to change the time on the Nook.  I like having the time handy at the top of the screen, especially when I'm on a beach with no other clocks available, and I want it to be a time that is adjustable to the local time, enough said.

The second problem I ran into was turning the pages.  I like to vary the way I change my page depending on how my body is currently positioned.  As you know, you can press a button on the right or left side of the Nook and turn the page.  These worked flawlessly.  Where I had some difficulty was changing the page by sliding my finger across the lower screen.  Some times it would work, and other times, I would slide my finger over it multiple times with nothing happening, and finally give up, and press the button.

Finger swipe page turning coupled with the time out of sync made me think there was something wrong with my Nook.  This was not the case, and the main reason I wrote this article.  It turns out that, like when you park a car at the beach, and you return to find your car windows have a haze on them,  you then have to wash the car windows to remove the haze, well the Nook has the same problem.  The salt air gradually builds a haze on the Nooks touch screen.  As the haze builds up, your ability to use the touch screen gets flaky.  Some times it works and some times it doesn't.  To clear the problem just wash the screen off occasionally, with a soft damp cloth, and presto everything works fine.  This is something that took me awhile to figure out, thus this article.  Other than that, I was pleased with my Nook, and my vacation.

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