Joomla 1.5 Component and Module Usage Summaries

Ever wonder which Joomla 1.5 Components and Modules am I using; and where am I using them?

Component usage and positioning is available in the Extension Manager (Components tab). The main table validates which components are enabled, and then fingering through the Menu Item Manager (Type column) for each of your menus will show where each component is used. Similarly, the Module Manager displays whether or not each installed module is enabled or not, the Module Manager also tells you whether the enabled modules are configured to display on "All" pages, "None" of the pages, or "Varies". For any modules displaying the "Varies" pages value, you must investigate positioning by advancing to the Module Edit screen to determine the pages where that module is configured to display.

The aforementioned techniques are functional, but I prefer a more streamlined approach to these questions.

A couple of quick database queries will give us the same data in a much more concise manner. Notice that my database is named "joomla15" and the database prefix is "j15_", these likely require modification in the queries that follow:

-- Check which modules are enabled and on which menus they are configured to display.
-- We only care about published (published=1) and front-end (client_id=0) modules.

SELECT AS menu_id, AS menu_name, AS module_id, modules.title AS module_title, modules.module
FROM joomla15.j15_modules_menu mm
INNER JOIN joomla15.j15_menu men ON (
RIGHT JOIN joomla15.j15_modules modules ON (
WHERE modules.published=1
AND modules.client_id=0
ORDER BY module;

-- Check which components are enabled and on which menus they are configured to display.
-- We only care about enabled (enabled=1) and front-end (link!='') components.

SELECT AS menu_id, AS menu_name, AS comps_id, AS comps_name
FROM joomla15.j15_menu men
RIGHT JOIN joomla15.j15_components comps ON (
WHERE comps.enabled=1

If you install the sample data in a Joomla 1.5, these queries show you that quite a few Modules and Components are enabled, but not used (menu_id/menu_name are null). On client sites, this is generally a bad practice. With the exception of the core Components/Modules, you should at least disable, if not uninstall, unused extensions. Just be careful when uninstalling unused extensions that are package with Joomla, as an upgrade package will likely reinstall such extensions.

The output also details on which menu you will find each component and module. This is helpful when troubleshooting manual changes to styles and code, particularly for sites where you may not have completed the original design and/or implementation.

Some example module output from the sample data shows us that we can safely unpublish the Breadcrumbs (mod_breadcrumbs) and Footer (mod_footer) modules, but that the mod_mainmenu and mod_latestnews modules are getting a lot of use. Note that I removed the menu_id and module_id columns from the output for display purposes.

menu_name module_title module
NULL Banners mod_banners
Home Advertisement mod_banners
NULL Breadcrumbs mod_breadcrumbs
NULL Footer mod_footer
Home Latest News mod_latestnews
Joomla! License Latest News mod_latestnews
Joomla! Overview Latest News mod_latestnews
Home Login Form mod_login
NULL Main Menu mod_mainmenu
NULL User Menu mod_mainmenu
NULL Top Menu mod_mainmenu
Home Resources mod_mainmenu
Example Pages Example Pages mod_mainmenu
Section Blog Example Pages mod_mainmenu
Section Table Example Pages mod_mainmenu
Category Blog Example Pages mod_mainmenu
Category Table Example Pages mod_mainmenu
NULL Key Concepts mod_mainmenu
Home Popular mod_mostread
Joomla! License Popular mod_mostread
Joomla! Overview Popular mod_mostread
NULL Newsflash mod_newsflash
Home Polls mod_poll
NULL Random Image mod_random_image
NULL Search mod_search
NULL Sections mod_sections
NULL Syndication mod_syndicate
Home Who's Online mod_whosonline

I will validate these in Joomla 1.6 soon. Until then, feel free to share Joomla 1.6 compatibility success/issues in the comments. I will post an update once I have validated.

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