Internet passes the 100 Million Mark

As reported this month by Netcraft, the Internet now has 100 Million web sites. Officially, the count is 101,435,253 up from 97.9 Million in October.  The Internet added 27.4 Million sites this year alone, and has doubled since 2004 when the number of sites crossed the 50 Million mark.

Another number that implies continued growth of the Internet, there are now over 250 Million host names.  If your having trouble getting a unique domain name for your web site, you can see why.

Apache continues to lead the web server market. The percentage of servers are:

  1. Apache with 59.36%, up 1.29% since last month,
  2. Microsoft's IIS 22.7%,
  3. Nginx 6.04%,
  4. Google 5.94%.

Microsoft is gradually losing market share due to its decision to move its Windows Live Spaces sites to WordPress. WordPress runs on the nginx server.

In programming languages the current most popular programming languages, as reported by, are:

  1. Java at 18.51%,
  2. C at 16.71%,
  3. C++ at 9.497%,
  4. PHP at 7.81%.

Database numbers, for some reason, are hard to come by, with most of the industry trusting Gartner Group to do the measurement. This is a proprietary report, for which Gartner charges, so will use a different approach. The most popular databases, as measured by the number of Google searches, and reported by Citrus Technology, are:

  1. Access at 47 Million,
  2. Oracle at 24.9 Million,
  3. MySQL at 12.3 Million,
  4. Firebird at 4.2 Million,
  5. Sybase at 2.56 million,
  6. PostreSQL at 2.50 Million.

This is the time of year when Content Management System popularity gets measured. If you would like to participate in the survey, you can find it here. The report will be published in December.  Last year it went: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco, Plone, and OpenCMS.

As far as eCommerce engines, the report listed by number of sites was just released by by Tom Robertshaw.

  1. Magneto leads with 3414 sites,
  2. osCommerce has 3123 sites,
  3. ZenCart with 1556 sites.

Every once and awhile it's nice to check where everything stands and to try to assess market trends. Questions that come to mind:  am I learning current technology, am I using the best software for my customers, and should I take a closer look at another solution? It helps to keep an up to date perspective.

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