Gimp – Moving the Main Window in front of Menus

I've struggled with this one for awhile now, and I thought some of the readers might have the same problem.  Last night, I was getting a new site design ready for a client.  This meant manipulating a bunch of images in Gimp, the raster graphics editor that is the open source competitor to Adobe's Photoshop.

The problem is when you initially install Gimp, the Main Window that loads the image, by default, is behind the Toolbox and Levels Menu.  In the normal course of editing in the Main Window, you end up having to constantly move the Toolbar, or Levels, or Main Window all over the place, or shut the menus  down, and bring them up when needed as your working, a pain.

Here's what the before looks like:

Main Window behind the Toolbox and Levels Menu

I knew I could dock the Toolbar and Level menu in Gimp to make a unified screen, but I didn't want to dock them, and limit my main drawing window.  I preferred to leave all the windows floating.

After putting up with moving the Toolbox, or Main Window, around the screen, since I initially loaded Gimp, I finally decided I had had enough aggravation, and went looking for a solution.  I found it buried in the Gimp forum, a short three line post, that worked like a charm. Thank you, "lakelovers."

Here's what the Main Window looks like in front:

Main Window in front of the Toolbox and Levels menus

In the Top Menu bar in the Gimp Main Window, go to Edit->Preferences->Window Management.  You'll fine a category at the top of this page called, "Window Manager Hints," and two drop downs, one labeled, "Hint for the toolbox:" and the other "Hint for other docks:"

The Windows Management Preference Screen

If the Main Window is behind the toolbar and levels menu, then the drop downs are set on "Utility Window,"  Select "Normal Widow" for both drop downs.

You will have to restart Gimp before the Windows will change position.  That's all there is to it, pretty simple, finding out how to do it was the hard part.


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  1. Thanks, mate! It worked in Ubuntu, even though you gave instructions on Windows! 🙂