MySQL Workbench 5.2.25 Released

I reviewed Release Candidate 5.2.22 on June 27th. In that review, I said, "I would look for the official release to follow closely after this RC 3 release."

Not, that I had any inside knowledge, I just knew from reviewing the Release Candidate that most of the bugs were gone, and the release could not be far away.

Sure enough, in just 3 days, July 1st, the release became official. My review of June 27th stands, this post is for those who decided to wait for the official release. Well, it's here.

On the release, the developers stated, "We hope you will make MySQL Workbench your preferred tool for Design, Development, and Administration of your MySQL database."   We agree.

Download MySQL Workbench here. Any one working with MySQL will quickly find the tool has many enhancements from the older MySQL Administrator and its companion MySQL Query Builder, which are now retired.   MySQL Workbench should become a much used tool in your toolbox.

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