Displaying Joomla Module Names in the Web Page

During the development of a web site with many pages and sometimes different templates per page, you'll see what is obviously a module in the Joomla page, and want to change something in it.  The only problem is your not sure what the module is called or what's it's module position, which will help you locate the module you need to edit.

There a quick way to see what modules are loaded with a particular web page in Joomla that will give you the name of the module on the page in an outline view.

Go to the web page in question, and in the URL for the page add the following to the URL:


Here's an example: The initial URL is:


Show the modules on the page by adding to this URL like this:


Don't forget to hit the return to bring up the new page.

This will give you a dim outline of the modules on the page, you can then go to the module manager for the module in question, and make the changes you need.


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