Ubuntu 10.04 has Arrived

I looked on the Ubuntu site this morning around 10 am, and saw version 9.10 was still the version du jour.  I knew that Lucid Lynx was due out today, and was wondering if somehow the date had been moved, nope, checked back at 2 pm and wahlah! Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has been officially released.

I covered what was projected for the new release months ago, but now that its here, let's do a quick review of the new features.

Lucid Lynx has three versions a Netbook Edition for browsing the web, a  Server Edition, and of course, the Desktop or Laptop Edition.

Number one on the list is the LTS in the name, standing for Long Term Support.  Commercial customers have been reluctant to move to Ubuntu in the past, because there was limited support offered from one version to the next, notably 18 months.  With this version Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, have committed to supporting this release for five years for the server, and three years for the other versions.  This make 10.04, Lucid Lynx, a major Ubuntu release.

Lucid Lynx comes installed with "Firefox," and "OpenOffice.org"  It has a Software Centre application that simplifies finding, and installing software for Ubuntu. There's an instant messaging application called "Empathy" that integrates all your instant messaging accounts, and a email application to keep track of your emails.  There is an application called, "Me" that integrates your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This version has an improved Nvidia video driver, so your gaming and heavy graphic applications should run smoother, for all those Nvidia graphic card users.  Most Ubuntu systems by the way use Nvidia graphic cards.

For multimedia we have a new Music application that integrates playing your music with an online store.  "F-Spot" integrates all your pictures and videos along with Flickr, Facebook, and Picassa.  There is a video playback application, called "Movie Player," and an application called "Pitivi" to edit your videos.  There's hundreds of free games available, all free.

For sharing accounts, all Ubuntu users get an online file saving account, called "Ubuntu One," that allows you to share files from anywhere on the Internet.

Both Microsoft and Apple may have some competition here.  None of them come with this much software installed with the operating system.  Oh, did I mention, all of this is free.

Top this off with an easy, quick install, and the fastest loading operating system in the industry measured at 10 seconds in one test.  Although, this could be a drawback, I'm so used to Microsoft's long loads, that I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have enough time to get my morning cup of coffee, but I'd think I'd manage.

That's it for now.  More on doing the upgrade and my general impressions from 9.1 to 10.4 later.

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