Changing the Ubuntu Desktop

By now you are familiar with the initial installed Ubuntu background.  When you use a computer every day, you know that after awhile you want to change the appearance of your computer, just as a change of pace.  Ubuntu has not forgotten the aesthetics, and gives you just as many choices as Windows.

The Initial Ubuntu Background

For those Windows users, Windows calls their background the desktop, and the way you change the picture on the desktop in Windows is to right click on the desktop, and bring up the properties menus.  In the properties menu you can change the theme and sounds, the desktop picture, what you use for a screensaver, the appearance of menus, and the screen resolution.

Let's see what we can do with Ubuntu.  Just like in Windows, right click on your desktop, and there you will find a "Change Desktop Background," menu,  left click, and up comes "Appearance Preferences."  You'll find 22 backgrounds you can choose from, or if you click the "Add" button you can use any of your pictures.  You can also down load additional pictures from Gnome Art.  Remember Gnome is name of the Graphic User Interface that Ubuntu uses.  This site has a bunch of additional themes and backgrounds that are easily downloaded and installed by clicking on the "Get more backgrounds online" link.

A New Background

Through the upper tab menus on Appearance Preferences,  you can change the theme, by changing the look of your: controls, colors, window borders, icons, and mouse pointers. Not only that you can change the fonts that are used along with the size of the fonts for menus and documents from the fonts menu. If your eyes need a little bit bigger fonts it's no problem to adjust them here.

Font Preferences

There's one other thing you may want to change, and that is your screen saver.  To change your screen saver in Ubuntu, go to the "System" menu in your upper left menu, click on "Preferences" and then "Screensaver."  This is also where you can configure Ubuntu to go to "sleep" after a period of inactivity or just to shut the display off.  This is under the "Power Management" menu in "Screensaver Preferences."

Screensaver Preferences

In summary, you can change the entire look of Ubuntu, and make it your own with a few clicks of the mouse.

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