Chrome – a Review of the New Version

Google just released a new version of their Chrome browser available for download.  This is version  If you have Chrome installed you'll get a new version annoucement pop up,  and its an easy install to upgrade from your previos version of Chrome, or you can download the new version by going to the Chrome download page.

I ran the Acid 2 and Acid 3 Tests on the new version, and Chrome passed with flying colors.  Safari, Opera, and Chrome are the only browsers to reach 100 on the Acid 3 test to date.  Firefox is close with a rather jerky 93 after an awkward pause at 69.  Internet Explorer 8.0 failed the Acid 3 test with a miserable score of 20 after a long stop at 12.  I guess we have to give Microsoft kudos for passing Acid 2 with Internet Explorer 8.0.  Maybe in another couple of years they'll join the rest of the web, and stop trying to make every one conform to them.

Chrome is quick, a jaguar in loading internet pages.  It is the fastest browser out there followed by Opera, in both loading the browser window and returning web pages.

The Chrome Browser

Chrome has a different look than any other browser choosing to minimize menus and toolbars to increase the browser window space.  The tabs for individual browser windows are placed at the top of the page.  You can drag a tab off the tab bar and create another instance of Chrome with that window in it, and you can make the instance disappear by dragging it back to a tab in another open Chrome instance.  Tabs can be reordered by dragging them where you want them on the tab bar. Pretty slick.

The web url address box doubles as the search box. If you don't know the http:// url for the web site you want, you can just type the name in the box and a drop down of possible url's appears.  If you want to search on the name, hit the arrow key on the right and a full Google search page appears.

There is a stealth window called "incognito" that allows you to search without saving any history.  Hmmm, I wonder why you'd want to use that?  It reminds me of the old "boss" key.

There are some 95 themes that you can pick from to change the appearance of the initially loaded  browser window, although I must admit, they don't do much for me, except change the color at the top of the page.  The themes are predominately female and kid themes, no good old American macho man themes, darn.  The browser's initial window, in addition to loading the theme, loads the former pages you have just loaded in thumbnails for quick selection of previous browser windows, an idea originally started by Opera.  You can rearrange these thumbnails by dragging them to a new position.  No biggee.

You can also create desktop icons for web applications.  This gives us a good indication of what direction Chrome, and Google, plan on moving toward in the future.  Bye, bye, windows desktop.  The king is dead, long live the new king.  Hello, the Chrome internet desktop.

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