Hardware Troubleshooting

Well, folks sorry for the delay, but we're having some hardware problems.

Just because you get the system to come up and "Post" does not mean that everything is connected and operating properly.  And that is the case here.

When I started putting this system together, I used parts from previous systems, instead of purchasing all new components, and now it seems I'm paying the price in terms of delays.

First initial troubleshooting, when I went to put in the operating system disk, I uncovered the first problem.  The DVD drive drawer would not open and the drives disk access light was always on.  The drive open button did not work.  If you using newer IDE cables this will not happen. I wasn't, and I got unlucky.  The newer IDE cables have a blocked off pin, so you can visualy see which way to plug in the cable.  The older ones do not.  I had a 50-50 chance of getting it right.  And of course, I put the cable in the wrong way.  Simple solution is to pull out the IDE plug, turn it around and reconnect it.  Problem solved and the DVD drive now works properly.

Next, I put the operating system disk in the drive, started loading, and I got an interupt error which halted the process.  It turns out the SATA disk drive is not recognized.  This may mean, I have a bad motherboard, disk drive, or computer chip.  In no particular order. So I am in the process of troubleshooting the problem or problems.

The ultimate solution is to purchase a new motherboard, chip, and disk drive and make sure I have all new components.

So I beg your patience. I may need to order components, which means shipping and delay.  When I get back to the stage where the operating system loads, because all the hardware works properly.  I will fill you in on how things worked out, and we'll pick up loading the software.  In the meantime, we'll blog on some other topics until we're ready to go again.

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