Installing the Graphics Card

The graphics card is a fairly easy install.  Graphics card fit into the PCI Express X16 slot.  Huh?  Well, if you don't know what one of them is, and there might be two on your motherboard, don't worry about it.  The graphics card will only fit into one or two slots on your motherboard, the longest ones, and they are keyed so you can fit them into any other slots.

Graphics Card

Graphics Card

Before you hunker on down.  Let's take this a step at a time.  Graphics cards usually come wrapped in an anti-static bag and are susceptible to static, so ground yourself to the computer case before you start and handle the board by the edges.  Take the card out of the packaging and anti-static bag.  There should be an instruction booklet and DVD disk.  Put them aside for now.

Look at the motherboard in the case, you'll see the slots the graphics card can be plugged into, but before you can do that, you'll have to remove a panel in the bag of the case so that the outout ports on the back of the graphics card will come out the back of the computer.  That way you don't have to open the case to hook up your computer monitor.

There are two ways to remove the back case panel and mount the graphics card.  One is to unscrew the panel screw, slide the plate out, mount the graphics card on the motherboard, and screw the motherboard down by replacing the panel screw and catching the metal outcropping on the  graphics card with the screw to lock down the graphics card.

The other is to lift a handle that lifts up and is hinged on one side, like a door.  You can then slide the back case plate out, put the graphics card in,. and close the hinged handle, which also catches the graphics card outcropping to secure it in place.

If there are any other cables supplied with the graphics card, look at the instruction manual to see how their hooked up.

If you have purchased two graphics cards, install the second like the first one, and you'll need to install a cable connecting the two graphics card together which comes with the graphics card.

That's it, your done with the graphics card for the moment.

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