Jaunty Jackalope is here!

Ubuntu 9.04, known as "Jaunty Jackalope" was just released on April 23.   It is the latest version of the popular Linux distro.  This version has significant  feature enhancements over the previous version.  For one thing, they rewrote the boot and install programs, so the operating system should load easier,  and more important, boot quicker at start-up, something Windows has had a problem with for ages.  Boot times may be as short as 25 seconds in some configurations.   With this release, Ubuntu is claiming to be on a par with both Windows and Mac's OS, Leopard.   They may be right.

With Ubuntu comes OpenOffice.org and a full desktop application suite that is starting to rival Microsoft Office in functionality, and at the same time be completely compatible with Microsoft formats and Mac formats.   They put a lot of your favorite applications in a library so you don't have to go all over the web to find the correct Ubuntu version of your favorite application.  It's all available right from the desktop, as are easy updates for all your software.   Another plus that has been bugging Linux Distros has been support for advanced video drivers.  This version of Ubuntu supports the NVIDIA advanced video drivers, so you should not have any video problems.   We are going to take a slightly closer look and be back with you in a bit on our overall impression.

Jaunty Jackalope is available from the Ubuntu web site.

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