Windows Security Updates – a different perspective

Micorsoft Security Updates?   Lets take a completely different perspective.

What if Microsoft didn't make my operating system like a *&%$* vault, and some baddies somehow laid some malware into my machine.  That's right, somehow penetrated all my non-Microsoft firewall, anitvirus software, spyware program, registry cleaner, and file change detection programs.  Yep, just suppose this malware got through all of those third-party apps, and really messed up my system.  It messed it up so bad, I couldn't recover, and I had to buy a new computer.

Wouldn't Microsoft make more money from the sale of a new operating system and office tools on that new computer I'd be forced to buy.  Get a clue Microsoft, stop these idiotic security updates, and ultra pain in the butt security measures that clog our systems, slow them down, and let us pay you more money.

Along those lines, since we never know what is inside, the now infamous, Microsoft security updates,  I have a sneaky suspicion, that has nagged at me many a time, as my system reboots from yet another securtiy update.   What if Microsoft security updates for XP, and its other older operating systems have a little extra functionality built-in.  Maybe, they have a couple extra loops in the code of each new update.  This would gradually slow your older operating system down.  We, of course, would call these updates, "security updates."  Of course, the extra loops wouldn't be in the updates for their latest operating system.

Why? Well, to sell new computers, and with each computer, new Microsoft software.  Can you say money?  Get rid of that super slow clunker you've had for a couple of years, and buy a new "speedy" computer with Vista on it.  See how quick your new computer runs.  "Wow, Vista looks really good!"   Nah, Microsoft wouldn't do that, would they?

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