Window install programs

I'm running Windows Vista SP1, and it's now infamous UAC for User Account Control, barf.  Well, I just downloaded a program I'm trying to install with a .msi extension.  A .msi extension is a file type that is meant to be installed by the Microsoft Windows Installer program.  The Windows Installer program manages the installation, and removal of programs on the Microsoft Operating System.

Well it just so happens this program sometimes will not run, gets corrupted, or a setting in windows, like not having the UAC turned on, may not run.  In which case, you can't install your program.

So here I am trying to get some work done, and I find on my Vista system I cannot run files with an .msi extension.  Why?  Who knows.  I have now spent four hours trying to figure it out.  I've been up on the Microsoft site, and they have a replacement program that is supposed to fix the problems with, our you ready for this joke, a new .msu extension which also doesn't load.  What happen to good old .exe extensions?   A lament, why does Microsoft have to make everything so difficult?

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