Putting the Run Button back in Vista

How many of you Vista users out there miss the XP start menu. I know we did when we first were exploring Vista. The one thing we missed in the Start menu on Vista was "Run." We liked Run to start and install programs when autorun didn't work on the CD, and to get to the command line especially when messing with networks. The "ipconfig" command comes to mind.

Well, if you also missed the Run command, along with the command window in Vista, we've been poking around, and we think we can help you out. It turns out Microsoft didn't take away all our toys, they just hid them.

If you would like to have your Run command back permanently in Vista, put your mouse on the Start button, and click the right mouse button, click on Properties. Oh! well, well, well, you can have your old XP start menu back by clicking "Classic Start Menu," but before you go there, stay with me, because the Vista menu has some advantages, like the search at the bottom of the menu.

Next to the Start Menu button, click on Customize. This is an alphabetical list of menu items. If you scroll down the list to the R's, you'll find our old standby "Run." Check it off, click "ok" twice, and you have your Run button back permanently on your Vista Start Menu. More on the Start menu in another post. Enjoy.

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