Ubuntu’s Jaunty Jackalope

Ubuntu keeping up with its six month release cycle is getting ready to release its next version 9.04 dubbed, "Jaunty Jackalope."  The Alpha1 prerelease version has been out since November, the official release is due in April, 2009.

Founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, wants to make this version more competitive with Windows and MacOS.  This release is focusing on: improving performance, an integration with Mono2.0, Novell's new .Net implementation, integrating web services tightly with the desktop, and, tah dah, improving boot time.  They are also getting Ubuntu ready to run on all those portable devices we know and love.  Mark believes Ubuntu could be loaded on several million computers and devices this time around.  That's millions folks.

For those of you who followed our earlier trouble loading Ubuntu, the very fact that they are taking a serious look at the GParted boot loader is music to our ears.  We are mildly optimistic, that maybe this time they got it right.

From looking at the screenshots, we think Ubuntu could be getting ready for prime time.  Imagine never having to buy Microsoft software ever again.  Well, we think that reality is very close at hand.  The Ubuntu version of Linux is stable and looks like a desktop that will play well with users.

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